Festival Barruguet

_0014_EmPortats-La TRÓCOLA

Direcció i dramatúrgia: Víctor Borràs
Repartiment: Francesc Mas i Maria Hervàs
Música: Oriol Canals i Dani Ferrer
Escenografia i titelles: Plancton – Joan Pena
Producció i distribució: Maria Hervàs i Marta Gràcia


La Trócola Circ (Valencian Community)

Genre: Contemporary circus
Duration: 55 minutes
Recommended ages: All audiences
Language: No text

Saturday May 25th – 8.30 pm – Palau de Congressos (PC)

A circus show that combines different disciplines: acrobatics, juggling, music and work with objects (doors).
Through play with the visible and invisible, making use of languages such as music, humour and poetry, original images and ideas emerge whose aesthetics carry the spectator away on a thrilling sensory voyage.