Festival Barruguet

_0011_Engrunes musicals

Direcció i dramatúrgia: Víctor Borràs
Repartiment: Francesc Mas i Maria Hervàs
Música: Oriol Canals i Dani Ferrer
Escenografia i titelles: Plancton – Joan Pena
Producció i distribució: Maria Hervàs i Marta Gràcia


Xènia Fuertes (Balearic Islands)

Genre: Musical workshop
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended ages: Ideal for children from 1 to 3 years
Language: Catalan

Wednesday May 22th – 5 and 6.30 pm – Club Nàutic (CN)

This musical workshop is aimed at young children and is a musical and personal experience to encourage musical, physical, creative and social development, with an emphasis on an enriching and emotional growth through love and music.