Festival Barruguet


Direcció i dramatúrgia: Víctor Borràs
Repartiment: Francesc Mas i Maria Hervàs
Música: Oriol Canals i Dani Ferrer
Escenografia i titelles: Plancton – Joan Pena
Producció i distribució: Maria Hervàs i Marta Gràcia


Titiriteros de Binéfar (Aragon)

Genre: Travelling theatre and live music
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended ages: All audiences
Language: No text

Friday May 24th – 5 pm – From plaça d’Espanya to plaça d’IsidorMacabich (IT-1)
Sunday May 26th – 12 pm – From intersection Macabich/Sant Jaume to plaça d’Espanya (IT-3)

Musicians, jugglers, rhapsodists and puppets roam the street to the sound of bagpipes and chirimías, reciting romances or astonishing everyone with their skills.
An ancestral parade of medieval minstrels, where there are also dragons, foxes, lovelorn minstrels and preachers... In every corner, or square, a different surprise, an old melody, a story recited, a medieval dance accompanied by bagpipes.