Genre: Puppetry
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended: For all ages, ideal from 2 to 5
Language: Catalan


TXO TITELLES (Catalonia)

Quack is a duck who lives alone and happy. Today he doesn’t have anything to eat and has to go out in search of food. On the way, he discovers something that completely upends his daily routine.
The show presents us with situations from the daily lives of children with tenderness and festive sensibility. The worldview entertained by children in this age range is patently expressed by the two characters, who live and explore mainly through their senses and their curiosity. At the same time, the necessary connection with adults is reflected by the link established by the puppeteers and their puppets, creating an environment of trust.
This show was performed on 22nd May, 2016 at the Sala de Exposiciones.

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