Genre: Theatre
Duration: 50 minutes
Recommended: For all ages, ideal from 4 and up
Language: Catalan


ZUM ZUM TEATRE (Catalonia)

Gretel and Hansel will take spectators by the hand with gentle irony and a great deal of affection to help them confront the fears of childhood, e.g. the fear of being abandoned and devoured, and the wickedness of the witch. But, the play also transmits a message of hope: with intelligence and determination, even two small children can face up to and overcome much greater dangers.
Two comedians evoke fairy-tale landscapes by means of the spoken word, the use of everyday objects and musical instruments, creating a dream forest and transporting us to the magical, fantastical heart of the story.
This play was performed on 23rd May, 2014 at the Teatro España.

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