Genre: Puppetry
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended: For all ages, ideal from 3 to 7
Language: Catalan


TXO TITELLES (Catalonia)

Safrà and Serafí are two mice. Safrà is brown and rather tall. He loves sewing, and his burrow is always full of colourful fabrics.

Serafín is grey and rather short. He loves reading and his burrow is full of newspapers and magazines.

Both of them love cheese: fresh cheese, smoked cheese, grated cheese, blue cheese, au gratin cheese… but what they most love is stinky cheese, the kind that smells like people’s feet!

These two mice are neighbours but they can’t stand each other… That all changes when a very bad mouse appears on the scene and tries to bamboozle them.

This show was performed on 20th May at the Teatro España.

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