Genre: Circus
Duration: 40 minutes
Recommended: For all ages
Language: No spoken language


PESSIC DE CIRC (Catalunya)

A traveller rides into town on a motorbike. It is not just any vehicle but a strange three-wheeled contraption, an extravagant motorbike with a sidecar from a bygone day.

With maps and sketches in hand, he sets off searching for something, somewhere, he’s not quite sure what. Amid comings and goings that lead nowhere, the main character becomes overwhelmed by signposts, billboards and placards. Little by little, he begins to trust himself and thus finds what he was seeking: happiness! Happiness as a life direction, as a journey we can enjoy…

We will accompany him in his fantastic voyage full of acrobatics and adventures on top of a moving motorbike.

This show was performed on 20th and 21st March, 2015.

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