The Barruguet Family Theatre Festival is held every year on the fourth weekend in May in Santa Eulària (Ibiza).

We roll out three days of culture, magic and fun for all ages, even the littlest ones, with shows for babies from six months and up.

Each year, the programme includes a wide range of genres: text-based theatre, puppetry, clowning, circus, dance, musical entertainment, indoor and outdoor theatre, passacaglia, etc.

The diversity and versatility of our staging spaces, including unconventional spaces, facilitate the enactment of widely differing performances, ranging from mid-to-large formats to very small formats.

The barruguet is a legendary creature who is characterized by being very naughty and a bit of a rascal. This fantastical being infuses the heart of the festival, whose aim is to make the inner child we all carry inside revel to the max.